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Andrew Finlay finlayrao at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 20 05:02:37 EDT 2007

Dear Coral List

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Environmental
Protection Authority (RMIEPA) is responsible for
reviewing and regulating the Environmental Impact
Assessment (EIA) process for a range of developments
in RMI under the Environmental Impact Assessment
Regulations 1994. 

Currently there is an escalating requirement for EIA
within the Marshalls due to an increasing number of
developments being proposed by private and public
developers, mainly on the developing capital atoll of
Majuro. Projects range from small scale ‘eco-tourism’
resorts on small islands, aggregate extraction and
reclamation projects to major development projects
critical to the sustainable development of RMI such as
solid waste disposal facilities, airport upgrades,
wastewater treatment and freshwater supply projects.
Relying on many natural resources, the preservation of
valuable land space, groundwater supplies, marine
water quality and coral reef habitats are essential to
the RMI’s development.

The RMI lacks suitably qualified consultants with the
necessary EIA experience and technical capability to
the meet the increasing demand for EIA. There are a
few individuals attempting to meet the demand on
Island, but they are constrained by lack of expertise,
experience, resources and time.

Developers are required to supply a list of EIA
preparers and their resumes/CVs for approval by the
EPA for the start of the EIA process. Increasingly,
the EPA has turned down proposed consultants due to
their lack of experience and technical capacity.

The EPA is currently creating a database of suitably
qualified EIA consultants (firms or individuals) whom
have been screened and approved by the EPA for
conducting EIA to the necessary standards.

Consultants who can provide evidence of the following
experience and qualifications are requested to submit
the information for approval to the email below
(please don’t reply all to the list):

•	Minimum of 5-10 years conducting EIA in tropical
marine environments (preferably Pacific, atoll
countries or RMI);
•	Day rates or fees (only reasonable day rates will be
•	Environmental qualifications and accreditations
(preferably in EIA);
•	Resumes of consultants;
•	One EIA report form past experience as an example of
work produced.

Please limit email attachments to 1mb (remove figures
from reports).

With regret due to the high costs of transportation
fees, applications from consulting firms or
individuals whom operate only within the Pacific
region will be accepted at this stage. Consultants
from outside the region who can incorporate their own
transportation costs may be accepted.

If you are aware of any other lists where a wide a
number of environmental recipients can be targeted
please reply to me at:

finlayrao at yahoo.co.uk

With kind regards

Andrew Finlay

  R. Andrew O. Finlay MSc. CMarSci, IMarEST
  Environmental Advisor
  Environmental Protection Authority
  Republic of the Marshall Islands
  P.O.Box 1322, Majuro, 
  Marshall Islands 96960.
  Tel: +692 625 3035/5203
  Fax: +692 625 5202
  Mob: +692 455 1471

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