[Coral-List] scientists are not we should be most worried by Sara Allyn Mavinkurve

Brian Plankis projectdibs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 14:29:10 EDT 2007

Dear coral-list members,

My name is Brian Plankis and I'm founder and President of Project DIBS.

I was not aware that one of our members was a member of coral-list or
planning on posting to this list-serv, and I believe her message supporting
Project DIBS, while enthusiastic, was premature and unsolicited.  Mrs.
Mavinkurve's statements and viewpoints are her own and do not represent the
viewpoints or opinions of Project DIBS in any way.  Furthermore, Project
DIBS has no association with Dave Lackland.

While I believe this project has strong potential in advancing reproduction
of species that have not been well established in captivity, the project has
only recently begun coordinated efforts.  While we are gearing up to
research the potential of sexually reproducing multiple species of
invertebrates, we have not accomplished anything significant enough that
could be published in a peer-reviewed journal at this time. As such, the
website link that was posted should not be visited at this time, unless
parties are interested in the concept or development of the project to date.

I have asked all my project members to refrain from posting on this
list-serv (or any other scientific list-servs) in the future, and I
apologize for any time lost by visiting the Project's website or reading
this exchange.  Hopefully, in the future we can report some significant
findings, through proper channels, in terms of the success of our captive
breeding efforts of the various species with which we are currently working.


Brian Plankis,

Project DIBS President

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