[Coral-List] Info needed: Views on US Coral Reef Policy (confidential)

Steven Lutz steven.lutz at mcbi.org
Wed Mar 21 11:58:17 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-List,

I am looking for information and your views concerning US Coral Reef Policy;
the implementation and effectiveness of the Coral Reef Conservation Act of
2000 and the Coral Reef Conservation Program, including the US Coral Reef
Task Force, etc.

Since you are "out in the field" and I am in DC, I could definite use your
comments. All information and views will be kept strictly confidential.

This is for work in the reauthorization the Coral Reef Conservation Act. I
need such to be able to advocate for meaningful conservation "teeth" to this

Much appreciated,


Steven Lutz, Ocean Policy Analyst
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
600 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Suite 210
Washington DC 20003  USA
1 202 546 5346 (office)
1 202 546 5348 (fax)
Steven.Lutz at mcbi.org

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