[Coral-List] Info needed: Socio-economic importance & perceptions of coral health: US coral reeefs

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Fri Mar 23 11:58:01 EDT 2007

Hello Steven:
  With regard to economics, overarching US data analyses may be harder to come by, but several states and territories have funded such studies at the jurisdictional level.  The one I was involved with, American Samoa, is available at http://doc.asg.as/crag/Projects.htm under Projects.
  You should also check out http://marineeconomics.noaa.gov/pubs/welcome.html
  Off hand I cannot think of any studies that have explicitly discussed US stakeholder or user group perceptions of coral reef health, at least not in the way that such research has been conducted in many terrestrial settings.  However, we are currently engaged in just that sort of study, though our results won't be available for several more months (the data collection ends in June).   Additionaly, Manoj Shivlani at the University of Miami is also conducting an attitudes/perception study in the Keys.  His work is looking more at attitudes and perceptions of reef management, but he may also be to assist with your question. 
  In the meantime, I will attach a couple of papers that may be of use off-list.
  Dear Coral-List,

I am looking for information about:

1) Up to date papers illustrating the economic 
worth of US coral reefs.

2) Any perceptions collected from the general 
public concerning the state of
US coral reef health.

I am looking for papers that clearly illustrate 
this information. Please
send me available PDF's, information, or links.

This is for work in the reauthorization the Coral 
Reef Conservation Act. I
need such to be able to advocate for meaningful 
conservation "teeth" to this

Much appreciated

Steven Lutz, Ocean Policy Analyst
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
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Washington DC 20003  USA
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1 202 546 5348 (fax)
Steven.Lutz at mcbi.org

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