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Hi Lucia,

a standard way to reduce diatom growth is to add germanium dioxide to the
f/2 media. In addition, you can streak algal cultures out on petri dishes
with f/2 agar media, then pick individual colonies of zooxanthellae from the
plate (may take awhile to grow). Good luck!


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Dear Coral-List,

I am trying to set up culture of zooxanthellae from Acropora in silica free
F/2 media, in an incubation chamber provided with a 50W- light /dark cycle
(12/12h ) at ca.26°C, but I'm facing problems with diatoms contamination
(beside  silica is not present in the media) and very slow growth of algae.
I would very much appreciate any suggestions on isolation and culturing
zooxanthellae from Acropora

thanks in advance 
Lucia Bongiorni

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