[Coral-List] consensus, warmth and aliens

Julian Sprung julian at tlfusa.com
Mon Mar 26 14:05:07 EDT 2007

Dear List-

On the subject of "scientific consensus" it is instructive to read:


"Aliens cause global warming"



While on the subject making a mental connection between "aliens" and global warming, I intended to make this reply the other day to an inquiry about marine invasive species:

Dear Harold, and Coral List,

Anyone interested in this topic should read a copy of David-Theodoropoulos' book about invasion biology. You can find it at Amazon.com at the following link:



Julian Sprung

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Dear Coral-listers

As part of a project which aims to set up in Réunion island (western Indian
ocean) a warning and monitoring program for marine invasive species, I am
looking for information about that subject.

To ensure efficiency, it will be very appreciated to receive from you
particular comments from your case experiences as well as papers, reports or
any documents you have relevant to that topic.

I¹d also like to have some informations, if any, about national regulations
on marine invasive species in tropical countries, especially those located
in Indian Ocean.

Thanks for supporting that task,
Best regards,

Harold Cambert
Marine biologist

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