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Thanks Alina. Very true and very worth the time we spend on this with 
our own kids as well as with young kids in primary and secondary 
schools. I hope you all find time to volunteer to visit such schools to 
give presentations on this (teachers love such contributions). And while 
you're at it, if you believe it as much as I do, don't forget to mention 
that there's no need to have large families anymore. Sacred ground I 
realize but this is the core reason we have so many environmental 
problems. Even if kids grow up living the high ecological footprint 
lifestyle (how can you convince them not to?), they can profoundly help 
"the cause(s)" simply by choosing not to place large numbers of new 
humans on the planet. (They may also lead richer and saner lives because 
of this choice!) In the meantime, do the good conservation research you 
do and buy and preserve your own 50-100 acre slice of what's left of the 
planet and take care of it during your lifetime. 
Brad Baldwin

Szmant, Alina wrote:

>Hi Coral-Listers:
>It's not just coral bleaching that we all need to be concerned with.  The biota living on the cold poles of Earth are also threatened.  When we advocate to do something about global warming we need to be sure to point out all the many ways warming is affecting our support system.  The new ad recently released by NRDC is nicely done.  Most grown ups are too cynical or busy to really care about what's happening.  It's by getting to the children that we will be able to (hopefully) change attitudes.
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>From: NRDC - Frances Beinecke [mailto:members at nrdcaction.org]
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>To: Szmant, Alina
>Subject: Rush Limbaugh Blasts Our Polar Bear Ad ... Fight Back!
>Dear Alina,
>Rush Limbaugh just called us "creeps" for running our Polar Bear
>S.O.S. ad on television and broadcasting the plight of the polar
>bear across America.
>Here's what he has to say ...
>"... the ice floe melts into the letters 'SOS,' with the two
>polar bears on top of the SOS! I predicted little children will
>see this and say, 'Mommy, mommy, mommy! The polar bears! The ice
>floe is almost gone! They're going to die! What can we do? What
>can we do?'"
>I guess Rush finally gets it! The point of the ad is, of course,
>that the polar bear's sea ice is melting away ... along with its
>future ... and we need to respond quickly.
>But Rush and other global warming deniers would stop the Bush
>Administration from doing the right thing and protecting polar
>bears before it's too late.
>In the face of their opposition, it's more important than ever
>that you submit your own Official Citizen Comment in favor of
>polar bear protection -- BEFORE THE APRIL 9 DEADLINE -- at
>Then, please forward this email to as many friends as you can --
>to create a blizzard of comments to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife
>Help us stop Limbaugh and the pro-pollution crowd from
>sacrificing the polar bear's future.
>Frances Beinecke
>Natural Resources Defense Council
>P.S. Want to make Rush even madder? If you haven't already seen
>the Polar Bear S.O.S. ad, view it now at
>http://www.polarbearsos.org/donate_rl -- 
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