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> I like to think I can represent the general everyday people out there. 
> Not being a scientist, just a mother and wife that deeply cares for the 
> oceans and the world.
>    When dealing with issues like these there are always people that are 
> going to ignore the need to change.  If it doesn't affect them in the here 
> and now, also doesn't affect their side pocket.  They are less than likely 
> to do anything about it at all.  I find when I talk about CO2 and how they 
> can do steps to minimize their producing of it.  It falls on deaf ears; or 
> I get comments like 'I will do something someday.'  Or 'I haven't got time 
> to worry about it.' Some just don't want to hear what I have to say at 
> all...
>    One thing is for sure that, some of the younger people are more 
> interested than anyone.
>    As for myself I do what I can and try to spread the word on what can be 
> done.  We are in the process of saving for solar system for the house and 
> recycle.
>    The thing is as long as the government is going to use this sort of 
> thing as a swing of votes; I feel that the everyday people are not going 
> to take the environmental issues as serious as they should be.  As someone 
> said earlier it is time to stop talking and start doing...
> Thanks for listening
> Michelle
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