[Coral-List] Octocoral taxonomy publication

Michael Janes mpjanes at aquatouch.com
Thu Mar 29 12:07:27 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-list Members,

I would like to announce the recent release of the Octocoral Taxonomy Laboratory Manual. It is a hands on manual for the identification of octocoral genera primarily from the tropical Pacific with some additional Caribbean genera. The information it contains was compiled from the International Workshop on the Taxonomy of Octocorals, 2005 in Kerala, India. The layout of the manual offers taxonomic techniques, equipment use, and brief descriptions of genera with photographs and line drawings. It is designed to be a companion to the book Soft Corals and Sea Fans (Fabricius and Alderslade, 2001).

The free PDF file is available for download at the following link:


Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome. Please share your thoughts on the Forum page of the Octocoral Resource Network at:



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