[Coral-List] Interested in Pacific bleaching

Ellen Husain Ellen.Husain at bbc.co.uk
Fri Mar 30 10:11:37 EDT 2007

Hi All! 

If anyone knows of anywhere in the Pacific region where coral bleaching
is occurring at the reef-wide scale I would be very interested if you
could let me know.  What I am looking out for is spectacular
bright-white reefs (or areas of a reef) with high coral cover &
multi-species bleaching (not spatially isolated white colonies of
Agaricia, Millepora, etc).  As I have previously mentioned on Coral
List, we are making a natural history documentary centred around the
Pacific, I am writing now because we would specifically like to feature
coral bleaching as an issue affecting the reefs. 

I am keeping an eye on NOAA's bleaching hotspots page, but would really
appreciate it if anyone who is in the field could let me know if they
see any bleaching of the type and scale described above  (ideally if you
could mail a picture or two that would help enormously!) Our filming
period is ongoing, so if even if you see something in several months
time then please do drop me a mail. 

To all of you  that wrote to me before - thank you very much for your
responses!! There have been some very interesting leads, and I am
working my way through responding to everyone, so if I haven't already
got back to you, I will do soon. 

Many thanks, 

Ellen Husain
BBC Natural History Unit | BBC Broadcasting House | UK |

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