[Coral-List] professionnal redeployment

Vivian Mettetal mettetal.vivian at neuf.fr
Fri May 4 15:21:10 EDT 2007

Good morning, 


I'm a 26 years old french male. 

After having completed a solid university cursus, for almost 2 years now, I'm employed as aquarist at Cine Aqua, the new Trocadero's Aquarium, where I'm responsible of the tropical invertebrates. 


More passionate by the coral reef fauna and its in-situ preservation than to its exhibition to the urban public, I would like to re-orientate my career towards a more scientific position. Working overseas would be welcomed. 


Answer to my following questions will be helpful to make decisions : 


1.)    Having already acquired a Master Degree in Aquaculture and Halieutic Project Management, which type of management positions are offered to individuals having my actual profile ?


2.)    France being not much involved in environmental coral preservation, which countries,  consulting agencies, and/or NGOs may offer manager positions in coral preservation ?


3.)    In order to improve my skills, I'm thinking to return to the University or High School in order to acquire an additional Master Degree in Marine Science and Management. Are you aware of the best university programs and location dedicated to the coral reef preservation which could allow me to reach these goals ?


Any information will be helpful.Thanks in advance for your support


Best regards


Vivian Mettetal

Aquarist at CineAqua (Paris)


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