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Thank you for the link to this wonderful work.  Unfortunately, for me, the article is written in French.  

Is there any chance someone out there has an English version of the article?  

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> Dear listers, 
> my name is Nicole Tru , I'm a student and I am currently working on a 
> project focusing on the use of coral reefs in medicine. I did some research 
> and I found that a really recent project of finding medecine in underwater 
> ecosystems has reunited CNRC and the Florida Atlantic University scientists. 
> It's said that they presented their research on february 2007 ( 
> http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/highlights/2006/0609deep_f.html#top) but there's 
> no article mentionning their results. 
> It will be very helpful if someone can contact me any information from their 
> research, especially the benefits of coral reefs in medecine. 
> I would also like to know the method used to extract molecules from corals 
> reefs (especially from corals). 
> Thank you very much, 
> Nicole 
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