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Dear friends and Coral List collegues,

I would like to share the following information on a new documentary film
to be featured on the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) Earth Reports on
blast fishing and coral reef conservation efforts in the central

The film will be broadcast on the BBC World channel on Saturday, 19 May at
9:30 AM GMT (5:30 PM, Saturday Philippine Time) and also Saturday at 16:30
GMT, and on Sunday, 20 May at 2:30, 13:30, and 20:30.

Please feel free to share this film showing news with other concerned
friends and collegues.


From: "Durwood Zaelke \(E-mail\)" <zaelke at inece.org>
      International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

To: "INECE Secretariat \(E-mail\)" <inece at inece.org>

Subject: INECE Updates: Earth Report "Blast" Airing on BBC World May 19, 2007

Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 19:26:34 -0400

Earth Report "Blast" Airing on BBC World May 19, 2007 Washington, D.C., 11
May 2007 - BBC World presents "Blast," an Earth Report documentary that
chronicles the ongoing battle between blast fishers in the Philippines and
the brave individuals risking their lives to stop them.

Using homemade explosives to kill fish may provide an easy answer for
poverty-stricken fishermen, but the rich biodiversity of the Visayan Sea,
as well as future sources of food for the people of the
Philippines, are quickly being depleted because of their use.

In 2004, after recognizing that declaring blast fishing illegal was not
enough to deter fishermen, concerned conservationist and local
government official Jo Jo de la Victoria teamed up with INECE member and
fellow Filipino Tony Oposa to form the Visayan Sea Squadron. Their mission
was to patrol the Visayan sea for blast fishermen and to educate Filipinos
on the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

The success of the Visayan Sea Squadron in protecting the sea angered many
in the fishing community. In April of 2006, involvement in the blast
fishing project proved fatal for Jo Jo. He was shot and killed by a hired

"Jo Jo de la Victoria's murder shocked and saddened all of us," said
Durwood Zaelke, Director of the INECE Secretariat. "But his heroism, and
Tony Oposa's, as evident through this poignant film, continue to inspire
those around the world fighting similar battles." Zaelke added, "This is
the first film in the INECE Eco-Enforcers series. The series will show the
hidden heroes of environmental compliance and enforcement, and their
courageous efforts to protect our environment and build the rule of law."

"Blast" was shot on location in the Visayan Sea, the Philippines, and
follows the story of these two remarkable local environmental activists as
they fight to rid their seas of the blast fishing scourge.

Earth Report is produced by the Television Trust for the Environment and
is BBC World's premier environmental series viewed by millions
worldwide. "Blast" was written and directed by filmmaker Douglas Varchol
and sponsored in part by the International Network for Environmental
Compliance and Enforcement and the Institute for Governance &
Sustainable Development (IGSD).

The film will be broadcast on BBC World Saturday, 19 May at 9:30 am (5:30
PM, Philippine Time) and 16:30 GMT, and on Sunday, 20 May at 2:30, 13:30,
and 20:30. Please check your BBC World station for local

Environmental compliance and enforcement are the foundation of
the rule of law, good governance, and sustainable development.


If you do not wish to receive this news bulletin, please email
inece at inece.org.


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