[Coral-List] ESR articles of relevance to many in conservation

Brendan Godley godley-ESR at seaturtle.org
Tue May 22 13:56:14 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues

Please note that the most recent articles in the journal Endangered Species 
Research have been published open access today. Details are appended below.

As we diversify in the topics we cover, there is something for everyone, so 
please excuse the cross posting.

PDF copies of these papers and all other ESR content are freely available at 
the journal's website http://www.int-res.com/journals/esr/.

Please also note that forthcoming articles are listed at 

Todays articles include:

Fa JE, Funk SM (2007) Global endemicity centres for terrestrial vertebrates: 
an ecoregions approach

Amorocho DF, Reina RD (2007) Feeding ecology of the East Pacific green sea 
turtle Chelonia mydas agassizii at Gorgona National Park, Colombia

de Iongh HH, Bal D (2007) As We See It: Harmonization of Red Lists in 
Europe: some lessons learned in the Netherlands when applying the new IUCN 
Red List Categories and Criteria version 3.1.

Please forward this message to anyone you might be interested in ESR.

With kind regards


Dr. Brendan J. Godley
Lecturer in Conservation Biology
Centre for Ecology & Conservation
University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus
Editor-in-Chief, Endangered Species Research

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