[Coral-List] RMIEPA request for cases on coral reef damage

Andrew Finlay finlayrao at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 24 20:35:39 EDT 2007

 Dear Listers
> The Republic of the Marshall Islands Environmental
> Protection Authority (RMIEPA) is currently compiling
> an evidence file against a local construction
> company
> for the destruction of a coral reef and diesel spill
> due to negligent grounding of one of their vessels.
> After sinking on its mooring, on the far side of
> Majuro lagoon, the company towed and then purposely
> the vessel on the reef on the leeward side of
> Enemanit
> Island. Enemanit is a beautiful, sheltered  island
> used for bathing and snorkelling with minimal human
> disturbance prior to the incident. The company then
> proceeded to break up the vessel with chain saws and
> axes in order to sink it. A small area of reef
> approximately 50m2 was destroyed and a large amount
> of
> vessel debris was deposited. The habitat of the
> endemic Threebanded Anemone fish was disturbed.
> Diesel
> leaked from the broken up vessel causing a plume
> approximately 2 miles down current for 3 days.
> The RMI EPA have referred the case to the Attorney
> General's Office for prosecution for violation of
> the
> National Environmental Protection Act 1984 and
> Marine
> Water Quality Regulations 1992.
> We have photographic evidence of the sequence of
> events but call upon the valuable experience of
> listers to send information on similar cases
> in their host countries to use as comparison.
> This will be the first time a case like this has
> been
> brought to court and therefore it is important a
> precedent is set. If you can share examples of
> prosecutions and penalties imposed for similar cases
> please email these to me at finlayrao at yahoo.co.uk
> This will be extremely valuable for the case file.
> Your assistance is much appreciated
> With thanks
> Andrew Finlay

  R. Andrew O. Finlay MSc. CMarSci, IMarEST
  Environmental Advisor
  Environmental Protection Authority
  Republic of the Marshall Islands
  P.O.Box 1322, Majuro, 
  Marshall Islands 96960.
  Tel: +692 625 3035/5203
  Fax: +692 625 5202
  Mob: +692 455 1471

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