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Larry at OpenDoorWorld.com Larry at OpenDoorWorld.com
Fri May 25 14:34:02 EDT 2007

Hello Dr. Thomassin,
I am writing to you from beautiful Key Largo, 
Florida.  I am not a scientist, nor do i have access to the 
research / references you seek.  However, i have posted 
(on my home page at: OpenDoorWorld.com ), several 
anecdotal articles related to industrial chemicals dumping 
into canals and rivers, all leading to the oceans, then 
circulated worldwide by the conveyor currents. 

As we awaken to the collapse of our oceans, we see the 
consequences of giving a "green light" to industry to 
dump millions of tons of known deadly toxins into the only 
known living oceans in the entire universe. 

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, must be looking down at the 
Oceans and dying Coral Reefs, with tears in his eyes. 

Larry @


citation célèbre [ famous quote ]: It is difficult for most 
people to understand something, while their pay check 
depends on their not understanding it ... 

ps: What percent of Earth's mass, is water?

> Dear all,
> Trying to estimate  the "Impacts on coral and lagoonal communities and environmental parameters - nutrients,
> metals, polychlorobiphenyls, etc...- of groundwaters ( phreatic) waters (= lixiviats, in french) from littoral
> dumping grounds on  high coral reef island", as Mayotte I. (or Tahiti, or Oahu), I would like to know
> references of published papers, or reports, and eentually personal experiences, on this peculiar subject.
> Thanking all for your cooperation.
> Cheers.
> Bernard A. THOMASSIN (Dr. Sci.)
> Directeur de recherches honoraire du CNRS / Centre d'Océanologie de Marseille
> Président du G.I.S. "Lag-May" ("Environnement marin et littoral de l'île de Mayotte")
> tél. GSM (33) 06 63 14 91 78,
> e-mai : ba.thomassin at wanadoo.fr
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