[Coral-List] Reef biodiversity website

Alexander M. Kerr alexander.kerr at aya.yale.edu
Thu Nov 1 22:18:05 EDT 2007

Gday Coral List,

We, an international team of echinoderm systematists, have been developing a
website to disseminate info and products about our favourite slice of
coral-reef diversity, aspidochirote holothuroids.  Given their large size
and often colourful and bizzare appearance, our ignorance of these common
reef inhabitants is breathtaking.  For comparison, imagine if nudibranchs
reached lengths of a metre and a couple kilos!  We therefore assert that,
pound-for-pound, holothuroids are proly the most poorly known metazoan on
reefs.  Please explore the more sober prose and jpgs at your leisure:

Criticism aimed at improving the site is most welcome.

Cheers all,

Alexander M Kerr
Acting Director
Marine Laboratory
University of Guam
Mangilao GU 96913 USA
Tel: 1-671-735-2182/2175
Fax: 1-671-734-6767

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