[Coral-List] identification guide to corals, octocorals, sponges of Caribbean region

Sheppard, Charles Charles.Sheppard at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Nov 6 10:18:17 EST 2007


An identification guide to corals, octocorals and sponges of Caribbean
reefs is available.  It is called Coralpedia v 1.0.  It is free (its
development was paid for by the OTEP fund of the UK government, to
assist conservation work in the UK Overseas Territories).  


Version 1 contains images and descriptions of about 64 Caribbean stony
corals, 74 reef sponges and 41 octocorals (and a few other groups).
Altogether over 1000 images are included.  Its operation is designed to
be by simple clicks only.  Options are that species of each group may be
ordered taxonomically (default) or by 'shape', and language options are
English (default) or Spanish. 


The Notes file (English and Spanish) gives many of the sources, other
databases, and other taxonomic information and, most importantly, it
contains the credits for all those who participated taxonomically,
photographically, or both.  The Notes file also explains that this can
be regarded as work in progress, with feedback and additions welcome.
(Other groups may be added, if someone is keen to add another Caribbean
reef-dwelling group, or another major Caribbean language, given a
volunteer translator).  This Notes file is located in the main folder
and is accessible both from the software itself or directly by a word


Another file 'Readme.txt' is in the primary folder, for installation
instructions and how to run it.  


There are three ways to obtain it.


1.  The primary source is a cd, available from Prof. Charles Sheppard.
Send an email to charles.sheppard at warwick.ac.uk (with a mailing address
in the text which is easy to copy and paste, please).  


2.  Download the cd as a .zip.  For this, send me your email address (in
the text of the message for easy copying, please), and I then get my
University 'files' site to send you the link to download the zip file
(it is 200 mB).  This (when unzipped) is the cd content.  


3. A web based version is available:
<http://coralpedia.bio.warwick.ac.uk/>    Its format is, as near as we
can make it, a 'match' with the cd, although because of differences in
how pages are loaded, families are ordered differently (alphabetically).
Obviously, viewing images of sufficient resolution means that the web
way will work slower.  The British Virgin Islands' National Parks Trust
will be hosting this shortly as well.


We hope it is useful.


Best wishes



Professor Charles Sheppard

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Warwick


charles.sheppard at warwick.ac.uk

(+44) (0) 2476 524975



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