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Hi Kelvin,

The Reef Ball Foundation has written a manual, "A Step-By-Step Guide to Reef 
in draft format on our website www.reefball.org under the menu heading "reef 
building."  The
final manual will be presented at ICRS in Fort Lauderdale, July 7th-11th 
2008.  After presentation at the conference the final document will be 
uploaded to the same location on the website.

You will find we recommend "genetic" rescue methods over traditional 
re-planting methods in most cases because
the success rates are ultimately higher and conservation of genetic strains 
of corals is more likely after a reef damaging
event such as a ship grounding.

There are no charges or passwords required to download a copy but we ask
that the document is not printed or distrubuted until after the final
document is posted.

You will also find documentation on thousands of our projects.  A good way 
to find projects where we have used genetic rescue methods is to search our 
google sitewide search using keywork Propagation or Propagation Table.

We would be glad to assist you further if you have any direct questions 
offline of the coral list.

Disclaimer: The Reef Ball Foundation is a 501(c) 3 Public non-profit and the
above listed resource is not being sold or distributed for profit.  The
electronic version will always be available free although the Reef Ball
Foundation's website but we reserve the right to publish hardcopy version(s)
and to charge publication/distribution costs for that format.


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> Hello Coral Listers,
> I am a PhD Student at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.  I am
> writing a review paper on the genotypic diversity of coral reefs and
> reef restoration methods and would greatly appreciate your input.  The
> aim of the paper is to:  (1) review the literature to see how
> genotypic diversity on coral reefs relates to coral health on both an
> ecological and evolutionary time scale, (2) propose how reef
> restoration projects may benefit from considering this information in
> their methodologies, and (3) identify areas of coral genetic research
> that should be pursued to bring scientific research closer to
> conservation application.
> I am specifically interested in learning more about past or current
> reef restoration projects.  I am curious to know how much interest
> there is (if any) in employing genetic tools or in considering the
> population genetic implications of these methods.  For example, is
> there any consideration given to how transplanting corals (and thus
> introducing new genotypes) into a population might affect overall
> population fitness?  Do reef restoration methods try to avoid
> propagation of identical clones (for fear of creating clonal stands
> susceptible to disease)?
> Any ideas related to the above would be very helpful.
> Thanks!
> -Kelvin
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