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John C Brock jbrock at usgs.gov
Wed Nov 7 12:41:45 EST 2007


A scientist specializing in coastal benthic mapping and remote sensing is 
needed to evaluate and recommend sensing technologies, geospatial 
classification methods, and map validation procedures to aid the National 
Park Service in setting protocols for a new servicewide NPS marine benthic 
habitat mapping program.  The incumbent will:
* Evaluate and select the classification scheme that will be used to 
group, designate, map, and explain the observational data obtained across 
NPS benthic habitats.
* Evaluate and select the criteria for the appropriate methodology to map 
the bottom characteristics of interest across a range of Park 
* Sanction acceptable ?ground-truthing? methods for confirmation of the 
resultant maps to ensure an accurate depiction of the seafloor habitats 
actually present.
* Review technical capabilities for benthic sensing, map classification 
and verification relative to NPS resource management needs, and provide 
   recommendations for associated mapping protocols. 
* Conduct a pilot gap analysis of existing Park map products, source 
imagery and other data for three different representative Park Units: 1) 
tropical, 2) temperate, 
   and 3) high latitude; and thereby identify needed map products, 
satellite/aerial imagery, and vessel surveys to realize NPS benthic 
mapping objectives.
* Maintain contact with key NPS officials throughout the duration of this 

This position supports the Integrated Remote Sensing and Modeling Group 
(IRSMG) at the USGS Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies 
(http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/remote-sensing/).  The IRSMG conducts 
investigations of the physical structure and ecological function of 
coastal ecosystems. The scope of IRSMG projects includes wetlands, 
estuaries, barrier islands, and coral reef ecosystems occurring about the 
United States and Caribbean coastal fringe.  The research activities of 
the IRSMG aim to incorporate emerging remote sensing methods in the 
investigation of the structure and function of coastal ecosystems.  The 
IRSMG also seeks to marry technical advances in remote sensing from 
satellite, aircraft, and vessel-based platforms with the natural resource 
management needs of National Seashores, National Parks, and marine 

Qualifications:  A PhD in Marine Science, Geology, Geography or a related 
field is required.  Two to five years of experience in natural science, 
geography, geology or related fields is desirable.  Related internships or 
coursework in environmental or physical science is a plus. Prior knowledge 
of geographic data analysis and benthic mapping is essential.  This 
position requires occasional travel to conduct field work, attend 
meetings, training programs, seminars, and conferences.  To obtain further 
information about this position, please contact:

John Brock
USGS Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies
600 4th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
jbrock at usgs.gov
ph#: 727-803-8747 x3088

John C. Brock
Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies
600 4th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL  33701
ph#: 727-803-8747 ext. 3088
fx#: 727-803-2032
email: jbrock at usgs.gov

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