[Coral-List] CEEI Info system availible for science based projects. charter boat availible as well.

Max Casebeau ceei at cox.net
Wed Nov 7 12:57:48 EST 2007


      Center for Environmental Education and Information ( a 501c3
      founded in 1990 Hemingway Learning Institute. We get out to
      every classroom) PO 1778 Sun Valley, Idaho 83353 fax and phone
      208-578-1557, e-mail<ceei at cox.net>

      Web sites: Streams<www.apsrs.org> Species<www.esew.org> more
      streams <www.wcei.org>and (www.ceei-climate.org) and Eco-pedia 
      www.ceei-news.org) under construction (kidsstories)under
      construction. (Coming this fall  Habitat, Clean Air, Collasped 
Fisheries,  and 11 more.)

Dear Coral mailing List:

"The CEEI is planning to support science based projects (NGO efforts 
that need collaborating
anecdotal evidence) . check out <www.ceei-climate.org> check out  News 
directories. ( CEEI has
downloaded over 1,200,000 articles that impact the planet over a 13 
month period) We have a
system that works and you tailor it to you own needs> we do it. 
(ceei at cox.net) We will also aquire
a large but older sailboat that will support survey, diving and room and 
board expeditions." for this next year

Max Casebeau
CEEI Director

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