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J. Michael Nolan mnolan at rainforestandreef.org
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List Members....

I know that many of you, and maybe most of you suffer from "information overload". 

I am not the lord of the Internet and did not invent it (supposed to be a joke, even though I'm pretty much a Democrat, if you have to pick party's). 

Recently, I have talked about Tomorrow's Professor, which is more of a mailing list, with over 25,000 members and a must for Educators at all levels, any discipline.

Got a message today that Ecolog-l has gone over the 7000 member list. I'm not sure that numbers is the key point. 

It is HIGHLY moderated, and in this day of SPAM (yes, i've sent a few unsolicited msgs that were accepted by listowners and to other lists, that had no real moderation), this list is moderated by David Inouye, Ph.D. from the U. of MD. If your message doesn't deserve getting posted it won't.

I will use one example from today, and it is was on a list I hold with reverance beyond belief....ESPIRIT, out of NY State. It was about GPS devices for the classroom. 

I'm sure the posts from ESPIRIT were some of the best. GPS is a weekly, if not more often topic on ECOLOG-L. 

There is a Digest format for ECOLOG-L. If you don't want a lot of posts, great arguments from qualified scientists, and especially Global Warming of late, don't subscribe. Well, you can always unsubscribe.

We have NO financial stake in ECOLOG-L, other than it's a great list and you can hardly argue with a membership of 7000 and growing.

How to subscribe:

Send a msg to listserv at listserv.umd.edu

In the body of your text say: Subscribe Ecolog-l Your First Name Last Name

No other text.


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