[Coral-List] Follow-up overfishing of pelagic sharks around Palau - record settlement

Crawdaddy Hale crawdaddyhale at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 25 19:12:02 EST 2007

Dear Coral List:
[As a bit of background, Palau banned commercial shark fishing and sharkfinning in 2003.]
I wanted to thank everyone that replied to my earlier inquiry regarding the link between overfishing for sharks and the health of coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific.  
Although I am still collecting information and am still looking for a paper that demonstrates a tight link between the two, I have to say that the background shark biology/ecology and fisheries information that was sent to me was extremely helpful in recent settlement negotiations with a sharkfinning captain.
We were able to obtain a record settlement for Palau, 371% higher than the prior record.  
If you are interested, here is a link to an article from Pacific Magazine.
Best regards,
Christopher L. Hale
Assistant Attorney General
Republic of Palau

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