[Coral-List] Posting Links to Copyrighted Material

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 28 07:28:38 EST 2007


    Recently some authors have made reference to their Web sites for 
researchers to download their published material.  I have been not so 
gently reminded by a well know journal's Editor that posting copyrighted 
material is against the agreement of many (if not most) journals, and I 
can't blame them for being upset  (if you're an author who's ever 
received money for your published work, you can certainly understand!).  
Though it's not my business to be a copyright cop, I really don't want 
to get in the middle of this (I don't intend to track down every posted 
Web site), and I'm sure you don't, either, so I would just advise that 
you PLEASE review carefully your contracts before posting to Coral-List 
any links to your articles posted on your Web site.  This is not to say 
don't post the reference itself--we would all dearly love to continue to 
see you do that--just be sure you abide by your publisher's rules.

    Thank you, and keep on writing and publishing!

    Sincerely yours,
    Coral-List Moderator

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