[Coral-List] Jellyfish invasion of local, regional and global marine ecosystems

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Mon Oct 1 17:05:14 EDT 2007

I saw a documentary on jellyfish, titled "The Invasion of the Jellyfish" on National Geographic Channel recently and was alarmed by the data provided showing how human activities are possibly helping these ancient denizens of the seas recover their original position as apex predator in a lot of ecosystems driving out other (competing predator) species.

I would like to know if there are global research centers dealing with scientific studies on
1. predation of jellyfish on coral reef fish
2. the effect of urban and agricultural run-off and other nutrient rich effluents on blooms of phytoplankton which feed the jellyfish and
3. studies that deal with the correlation of negative impacts of climate change and sea temperature rise on coral reefs, fish stocks and the re-emergence of jellyfish in ecosystems?

These are issues that are also important to the Wider Caribbean region.


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