[Coral-List] acropora alternative opinion

buiscuil pascal.mege at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 12:33:57 EDT 2007

Hello coral listers,

I read the recent document sent on the list on Acropora and it IS an
interesting view. However, among other criticisms, I am not sure that
preaching that organizations such as the Center for Biological Diversity
should not focus their efforts towards limiting gas emissions and the
effects of global warming but rather towards management is a good advice for
any environmental organization! Even IF what the paper tries to make us
believe (which is, for those who did not read it, that Acropora will benefit
from global warming by extending their range northward) were true, is seems
very unwise to me to stop efforts for global warming limitations. Are we so
close to stopping it that we can afford to go in so many different
directions? I suggest the author would have better made is point by saying
global warming have to be enhanced so that Acropora can grow!
Another point quite unclear to me is that even if Florida and the Northern
part of the Gulf of Mexico could be more populated by Acropora now on, that
does not say anything on the distribution of Acropora in the Caribbean. That
article seems a bit Florida-centered to me!



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