[Coral-List] "Unsung Heroes" of Coral Reef Research and/or Conservation

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 3 18:42:18 EDT 2007

Greetings, Coral-Listers!

    I would like to put together a Web presence for the "unsung heroes" 
of coral reef research and/or conservation, in time for the 
International Year of the Reef in 2008.  Ideally, the various nominees...

1)  ...represent a person or group that you feel has contributed 
significantly to preserving coral reef ecology, but who has not received 
much recognition (whether or not they feel they deserve or want it).
2)  ...all together would represent coral reef areas that are both 
remote, as well as heavily visited, in all three oceans.
3) ...don't mind sharing pictures of themselves as well as their endeavors!

    If you have such people or groups in mind, please send me a 
paragraph describing why you think they are an unsung hero, what their 
accomplishments are, and a photo or two, or links to such photos.  If 
you  can have such a person or group include a note stating to the 
effect that they don't mind sharing their picture(s), that would 
certainly be helpful.  When you send these materials, please include 
"unsung hero" in the subject heading so I can keep it better organized.



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