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We must discuss it because other people listen, but it is too easy and not very 
fruitful to discuss it to death among our own community -- "preaching to the
choir."  The CSPP is not aiming its discussions at us.  We all must discuss
it with neighbors, reporters, our elected representatives, and yes, we should even
write the occasional letter to an editor.

Steve LeGore

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>Nice to see a response by the author of the peer-reviewed articles that was
>mis-used by the Center for Science and Public Policy in its report. Given
>the volume of original, peer-reviewed, published research on the effects of
>climate change on coral reefs, the decline of Caribbean corals since the
>1970s and the status of Acropora in particular, why are we wasting our time
>even entertaining discussing a second-hand research report from a
>politically motivated think tank, regardless of whether the think tank is
>Republican, Democrat, Green or the Marijuana Party? 
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