[Coral-List] New Kreisel Design

Sara Allyn Mavinkurve sihaya at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 15:54:18 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-List,

I'd just like to share a kreisel design I came up with for crustacean
larvae.  I know a few coral and marine invertebrate researchers (and
hobbyists alike) sometimes struggle with the keeping of some types of
delicate invertebrate larvae (and the use of kreisels).  I haven't had
any larvae to test in this unit just yet.  However, it does appear to
function in the intended way when I've tested the water flow with
things like Cyclopeeze and pine nuts and just about any small,
semi-buoyant thing I could toss in there.


Please email me for more detailed instructions, questions or if anyone
has any suggestions for improvement of the design.

Sara Mavinkurve


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