[Coral-List] Pipes hung in the sea ...

Melissa Keyes mekvinga at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 11 15:20:41 EDT 2007

Hello, Listers,
  All the critters in the ocean would LOVE the habitat created by such pipes.  Oysters with heavy shells would quickly add a huge amount of weight to such structures.  Throw-away pipes, let loose to sink once too heavy?  Buoyant sections added to the top every so often?
  Fishes would be attracted, could fishermen be kept away?
  Perhaps the first group of pipes could be attached to an old cruise ship, and an at-sea research station/dive resort created.  I'd buy a cabin in a minute if offered as a condo sort of thing...
  Melissa E. Keyes
  St Croix. Caribbean.

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