[Coral-List] Fertilizing the ocean - disillusionment

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Fri Oct 12 13:30:25 EDT 2007

One thing about our Mailman software for reviewing coral-list messages 
is that the preview part of it only allows for me (and Lew) to review 
the first part of a message.  So, if I review the first part and it 
looks harmless, I'll approve it; if it looks like it may be 
questionable, I forward it to my email so I can read the whole thing.  
As you well know, that has sometimes been an embarrassing mistake when 
the latter part of the message transgressed and I forwarded it thinking 
it was okay.  It happened again here, with Chris Hind's message and his 
colored language, and I apologize (though some of you who hold similar 
view were probably applauding out there).  Yes, I know, we all talk like 
this quite often in person (especially me), but you can't do that on 
this listserver.

Folks, please try to get your message across with aplomb, decorum, facts 
and a well crafted narrative (including proper spelling and grammar, 
e.g., Miami instead of "miami"), okay?  And if any of you are so 
discouraged with things the way they are and don't have the will and 
strength and vision to see through to a better world coral ecosystem, 
and all you can do is complain, complain, complain without offering 
solution ideas, leave the team and go do something easier--most of the 
other 4,300 of us would appreciate it.

Thank you.


Chris Hind wrote:
> ALOT of chelated iron gets dumped on crops in the redlands in southwestern miami dade county for produce. the ground is extremely porous. its easy to believe this stuff is making it's way to the keys and causing corals to be smothered by algae.
> i wish there were satellite photos from prior decades where we could see the expansion of the turtlegrass beds as civilization encroaches.

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