[Coral-List] Bleaching Report

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Mon Oct 22 06:59:20 EDT 2007

Bleaching report
Meandrina meandrites
Boynton Beach, FL
On September 29, the first bleaching Meandrina meandrites of the 2007  season 
were observed on Gulf Stream Reef, Boynton Beach, FL.  On  October 20, 
approximately 17 per cent of this population were bleached. The  peak of the 
bleaching, in the past, has been from about now to early  November, with colonies 
re-pigmented by early December.
You can access a short video clip of bleached M. meandrites shot Oct.  20, 
2007, online at:
A summary of prior years bleaching observations for this population is  also 
available online at:
Ed Tichenor
Palm Beach County Reef Rescue
(561) 699-8559

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