[Coral-List] Underwater Drill Oil Toxicity

Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
Mon Oct 29 12:02:56 EDT 2007

We have also seen people using mineral oil and anti-freeze for storage of 
underwater tools.  Does anyone know about the toxicity of these for reefs?

(I presume anti-freeze, being water soluable is easier to wash off the tools 
completely before use).


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> Yep, vegetable oil works. We've been drilling the reefs in Hawaii for a
> decade using vegetable oil in lieu of hydraulic fluid...but we do not use 
> it
> as a cleaning agent...before we drill we are careful to remove our 
> cleaning
> agents with alcohol based baths and wipe downs.
> Chip Fletcher
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> I ordinarily just lurk on this list.  I hope I am not out of my place
> in suggesting to look for "refined vegetable oil."  I have seen
> reference somewhere, don't remember where.  I am hoping to use it for
> my knife sharpening stones, since vegetable cooking oil seems to go
> rancid.  Don't know whether this is relevant.
> Alan Davisew
> On 2/23/07, Daniel J Barshis <barshis at hawaii.edu> wrote:
>> Dear Listers,
>>       I have also successfully used an inexpensive pneumatic drill for
> coring massive corals underwater.  We have used the same drill for three
> years now, keeping it alive by total submersion in pneumatic tool oil
> between uses.  After a recent discussion with a colleague from the
> University of Hong Kong, it was brought to my attention that pneumatic 
> tool
> oil and many other oil and hydrocarbon lubricants can be quite toxic to 
> the
> reef environment and that common household vegetable oil works just as
> efficiently at keeping the drill lubricated with minimal toxicity levels. 
> I
> have tried in the past to wash my tools thoroughly before use but it's 
> quite
> hard to remove all traces of the toxic oil.  Just a suggestion in hopes 
> that
> we can tailor our methods and practices to reduce our impact on the
> environment we enjoy working in as much as possible.
>> Cheers,
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