[Coral-List] Does Thermohaline circulation (the great ocean conveyer) approach to Taiwan and Japan?

Allen Chen cac at gate.sinica.edu.tw
Sun Sep 9 04:42:31 EDT 2007

Dear Listers,

I am not sure my question is suitable to coral-list. However, I  
always think this might be a good place to ask the questions about  

I wonder anyone out there know whether the Thermohaline Circulation  
(or called great ocean conveyer) approach the east coast of Taiwan or  
Japan? All the textbooks and the website regarding to thermohaline  
circulation describe a thermohaline circulation belt passing through  
Hawaii. Some of my journalist friends ask me whether this belt  
approach to the east coast of Taiwan and Japan or not.

I will be very gratefully if you can give me some hints or  
publications that   I can refer to. Or, simply tell me that the  
answer is NO.

I am looking forward to the response.

Cheers, Allen

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