[Coral-List] Deepsea Coral Symposium 2008 - New Zealand

Juan Armando Sánchez Muñoz juansanc at uniandes.edu.co
Wed Sep 12 06:56:35 EDT 2007

Dear coral-list members,

We would like to invite you to the Deepsea coral symposium 2008 (4th  
International Symposium on Deepsea Corals).

December 1-5, 2008
Victoria University of Wellington
Function Room Venue
New Zealand
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, NIWA
(Biodiversity & Biosecurity; Fisheries & Aquaculture)

Understanding the ecosystem role, function and value of deepsea  
corals and associated fauna has become a priority topic for many  
national governments and international regional resource management  
bodies. Continuing with the tradition of the 1st Symposium in  
Halifax, Canada (2000), the 2nd Symposium in Erlangen, Germany  
(2003), the 3rd Symposium in Miami, USA (2005), the 4th International  
Symposium on Deepsea Corals in Wellington, New Zealand (2008), will  
facilitate global exchange of the current scientific knowledge of  
deepsea corals and associated fauna and discuss management measures  
and options to conserve and protect deepsea habitat.

This symposium is designed to bring together scientists, resource  
managers, students, and policy-makers from around the world who are  
actively involved in research and management of deepsea corals and  
other deepsea habitats as well as the animals associated with them.  
It will provide attendees with an opportunity to share their research  
results and discuss collaborative opportunities and personnel  
exchanges, identify information gaps, and discuss deepsea coral  
protection and the statutory means available to do so.


Systematics and Biogeography (genetics, taxonomy, larval dispersal)
Sampling methods and mapping
Coral ecosystems and habitats, seamounts
Geology and Palaeontology (palaeo-climate)
Climate Change (ocean acidification)
Biology: Feeding, Growth, and Reproduction
Ecology and species associations (biodiversity, microbial, fish and  
invertebrate association)
Management decisions and policy for corals
Conservation and human impacts

Di Tracey and Helen Neil, NIWA
Co-Convenors of the Deepsea Coral
Symposium 2008, 4th ISDSC

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Sincerely yours,

Juan Sanchez
International Committee member

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