[Coral-List] Ocean Sciences Meeting 2008: Coral Reefs Session

Andrea Grottoli grottoli.1 at osu.edu
Wed Sep 12 13:09:41 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-listers:

You are invited to submit abstracts to the Coral Reefs session of the 
ASLO/AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting 2008 to be held 2-7 March 2008 in 
Orlando Florida (see details below).  The deadline is October 1, 
2007.  A link to the meeting website 
is  http://www.aslo.org/meetings/orlando2008/.  We are excited about 
this session and look forward to receiving your submission.

Andrea Grottoli

Session #144.  Coral Reefs: Impacts of Environmental Alterations and 
Climate Change on Coral Biology, Biogeochemistry, and Dissolved Organic Matter

Andrea G. Grottoli, The Ohio State University, 
<mailto:grottoli.1 at osu.edu>grottoli.1 at osu.edu;
G. Christopher Shank, University of Texas at Austin - Marine Science 
Institute, <mailto:shank at utmsi.utexas.edu>shank at utmsi.utexas.edu;
Ralph Mead, University of Miami - RSMAS, 
<mailto:rmead at rsmas.miami.edu>rmead at rsmas.miami.edu;
Tamara Pease, University of Texas, 
<mailto:tamara at utmsi.utexas.edu>tamara at utmsi.utexas.edu;
Kimberly Ritchie, Mote Marine Laboratory - Center for Coral Reef 
Research, <mailto:ritchie at mote.org>ritchie at mote.org

Coral reefs worldwide are currently experiencing unprecedented levels 
of stress due to global and regional environmental changes such as 
increasing ocean temperatures and habitat alteration from surging 
coastal populations. These environmental changes lead to degraded 
water quality surrounding the coral reefs and influence a variety of 
important biogeochemical cycles occurring within the reef ecosystem 
including coral-bacterial-zooxanthallae interactions. As a result, 
incidents of coral bleaching and coral disease have increased 
substantially in recent years. This session will focus on links 
between the cycling of organic material within and surrounding reef 
ecosystems and the health of coral colonies. The goal of the session 
is to promote discussion on coral vitality among geochemists, 
microbiologists, and coral ecologists. Research topics may include 
organic matter cycling in waters surrounding coral ecosystems, links 
between dissolved organic matter (DOM) characteristics and the 
microbial community responsible for a variety of coral diseases, 
terrestrial influences on DOM sources to reef ecosystems, and organic 
matter cycling within the coral-zooxanthallae community.

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