[Coral-List] Field Trip and Visa Information for 11th ICRS

Wendy Wood wendyw at nova.edu
Wed Sep 12 14:25:58 EDT 2007


The 11th ICRS is pleased to offer field trips that provide enjoyment as well
as insight about coral reefs in the Symposium region: Florida, the
Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic. They are all within easy reach of
South Florida. Trips will be offered before and after the Symposium.
Benefits for Conferees include:


. Easy access to a wide diversity of coral reef environments throughout the

. Research, education, and recreation experiences via Symposium field trips.

. Travel, diving, and accommodation infrastructure and facilities are


Trips include the following Destinations:

Andros Island, Bahamas; Veracruz, Mexico; Belize; Bermuda; Brazil; Broward
County, FL; Dominican Republic; Dry Tortugas; Florida Keys; Florida State
Parks; Flower Garden Banks, TX; Jamaica; Palm Beach County, FL; Puerto Rico;
Western Bahamas; Biscayne National Park Homestead, FL; Key Largo, Florida


Special Opportunity for Graduate Students - Field Trip Scholarships

The 11th ICRS is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for
graduate students to participate on the field trips offered by the 11th
ICRS. There will be either one or two slots available per field trip. For
detailed information on Field Trips, scholarships, and registration, please
go to our web site http://www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/fieldtrips.html.


We encourage you to review the Field Trip details on the 11th ICRS webpage:
www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs.  Please check the Field Trip details carefully to
learn about what is and what is not included in the registration fees.  



We advise meeting attendees traveling to the United States to please apply
for a visa as early as possible (at least four months before visa is
needed). Please check with your local U.S. consulate or embassy to find out
the earliest that you may apply. Because of the number of visas being
processed and the need to be thorough with the reviews, this can take as
long 10-12 weeks.


Ask for a letter of invitation from the 11th ICRS Meeting Office to attend
at least four (4) months prior to the meeting. Please contact Nancy Copen
(ncopen at faseb.org) for this letter.


For more Visa Requirements please go to our website



Registration is Open - please visit our web site to register



For General Information please contact the 11th ICRS Secretariat:
11icrs-secretariat at mail.ocean.nova.edu

For Exhibits:  jlash at faseb.org

For Sponsorships:  rosemann at nova.edu

11th International Coral Reef Symposium 2008:  www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs



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