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Barbie Bischof bbischof at rsmas.miami.edu
Mon Sep 17 15:54:02 EDT 2007

Dear Leska and Listers,

This is only an article for the Journal Environment (I believe it  
comes out of Harvard, at least that's who solicited me to do it given  
my background).  They have a short, 2-pager section called "Bytes,"  
which features websites on a particular topic...

I'll be sure to post the reference for the article on the coral-list  
when it comes out...

By the way, thank all of for your suggestions... Because not all of  
the websites you have referred me to will fit in these two pages in  
Bytes, I will consolidate what you did send, as well as the enormous  
list of what I've found and collected, and make that available as  
well.  If anyone is interested in possibly hosting such a  
consolidated list on their website(s), let me know and I'll be glad  
to forward once I have them all organized.

Thanks again everyone.  I appreciate your support and input!


On Sep 17, 2007, at 12:26 PM, Leska Fore wrote:

> Thanks for forwarding on the Coralsee site, it is very well done  
> and made me think about how to do dichotomous keys.
> I applaud your efforts and would be very keen to see a partial list  
> available now or a more complete list in the future. I get requests  
> for teaching materials related to coral reefs (and other systems)  
> all the time, and you're right, it's hard to know what's good. Good  
> sites often languish unfound.
> Will you be putting the sites on the web? Might be cool to list  
> them on a web page with a short description, but I'm not sure what  
> your goal is for the project.
> Thanks for your efforts,
> Leska
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