[Coral-List] Call for papers for 11th ICRS Mini-symposium 3 "Calcification and coral reefs - Past and future"

Chris Langdon clangdon at rsmas.miami.edu
Fri Sep 21 11:30:25 EDT 2007

Dear colleagues:


We would like to invite you to participate in Mini-Symposium 3,
"Calcification and coral reefs - Past and future ", being held at the 11th
ICRS in Fort Lauderdale, July 7th-11th 2008.


The 11th International Coral Reef Symposium science program will address
scientific questions within the framework of a series of Mini-Symposia
developed to address problems and issues on contemporary coral reefs that
will assist management to sustain future reefs. 


The central theme for the 11th ICRS is "REEFS FOR THE FUTURE". The Symposium
goals are to provide a scientific basis for coral reef ecosystem management
by articulating the state of the science with respect to current and
emerging stressors; improve the understanding of reef condition, function,
and productivity; and grow the fields of coral reef ecosystem science,
conservation, and multidisciplinary research by facilitating the exchange of


The central topics of Mini-Symposium 3 are as follows:

1) How have calcification rates in reef-building organisms and on reefs
changed over time?

2) What are the main environmental factors controlling calcification rates
in corals and on coral reefs?

3) What are the various biocalcification mechanisms in organisms, and what
does that mean in terms of the calcification response to changing
environmental conditions? 

4) What are our best predictions about future calcification rates on coral
reefs at both the organism and reef scale, taking into account multiple
variables that affect calcification?

5) Is there a connection between reef bleaching and sea water chemistry?


We welcome abstract submissions on these topics as well as all aspects of
"Calcification and coral reefs - Past and future". Submissions that address
these questions are encouraged but not mandatory.  If you have an
alternative question or questions you are addressing, please so note.  All
submissions addressing "Calcification of coral reefs - Past and future" are
encouraged to be submitted for consideration.


When submitting your abstracts, please use the session code: Mini-Symposium
3. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 November 2007.


For abstract submission, registration, and other information, please visit:


Mini-Symposium 3

"Calcification and coral reefs - Past and future"



Chris Langdon

Joanie Kleypas

Geoffrey Horst


If you know of anyone who might be interested who might not receive this
notice, please feel free to pass it along.  We look forward to your
participation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Dr. Chris Langdon
Assoc. Professor
Marine Biology and Fisheries
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
Uni. of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Cswy
Miami, FL 33149
Tel: 305-421-4614
Fax: 305-421-4239


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