[Coral-List] Severe Bleaching in Northern Persian Gulf

chris teasdale chris_dive at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 25 05:51:58 EDT 2007

Dear Kaveh and Coral Listers,

Bleaching report 24th September 2007, from a small reef on the edge of a 
natural channel, 15km west of Abu Dhabi Island, UAE in the Southern Persian 
Gulf, approximate position N24.60O E54.50O (WGS84). Whilst diving I observed 
bleaching of the Acropora colonies, (2, maybe 3 species) there with 
approximately 10 - 15 % of all the colonies partially bleached (starting 
from the base and extending toward the ends of the branches) and 5% of the 
smaller colonies fully bleached. I believe this is a relatively recent 
event, though my last visit to this site was in July 2007 and no bleaching 
was observed.

I hope to check this site again soon as it is one of few sites with an 
abundance of (previously healthy) Acropora in the Abu Dhabi area.

Chris Teasdale

Email: chris.teasdale at nauticaenvironmental.com

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