[Coral-List] English

Douglas Fenner dfenner at blueskynet.as
Fri Apr 4 02:57:35 EDT 2008

I just would like to correct some of my own English.  I meant "decent" not
"descent" (I am still a poor speller after all these years).  Also, "native"
was not a good word to use, it has bad connotations that come from a long
history.  Connotations I do not want to imply at all (quite the contrary). 
Maybe a better phrase to use is "English as a first language."  As you can see,
even some people who have English as a first language like myself struggle even after
many years to speak and write it well.  Anyhow, I'm grateful and most
sympathetic to all those for whom it is a second language who struggle with it,
so we can communicate.  (I'm terrible at other languages)  We need a common
language to communicate, we must communicate to save reefs, which is our common
objective and bond.  To all, keep up the good work.

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