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Pete Raines psr at coralcay.org
Sun Apr 6 17:19:21 EDT 2008

I'm at a loss to understand why Dwight Neal has experienced difficulties
tracking down the extensive work Coral Cay Conservation undertook over a 12+
year period in Belize, as all CCC reports and publications are and have
always been (by mandate of our policy of freedom of information) freely and
readily downloadable from our website

Dwight asks the question: "Who is responsible for ensuring that national
information is safeguarded and accessible?" To my mind, the answer is
simple: the host nation concerned. It is my experience that "foreign"
researchers (of which there is often a regrettable but necessary reliance,
based in part on limited available national budgets and in-country
expertise) are only too willing to (and do) share their data and
publications readily and freely with the host nation. For what ever reason,
regrettably some host nations do not/cannot reciprocate by ensuring that
such data/publications are properly archived and made readily or easily
available; as Dwight rightly comments: " Reports are relegated to filing
cabinets and shelves, and their existence promptly forgotten" and "Important
work fall into the hands of people who know the value and end up in personal
collections." However, I would argue that in these days of on-line research,
there is no excuse for a simple search of the available country-specific
data to easily trawl up much of what is already available and necessary for
coral reef management.

During my direct involvement (on behalf of CCC) in Belize between 1986 and
1998, I am aware of the significant UNDP/GEF interventions and funding made
available to Belize (outside of that of CCC's, which was considerable), a
consequence of which was the UNESCO World Heritage designation of the Belize
Barrier Reef. That designation (and the GEF funding) was granted to Belize
based upon a number of commitments by Belize, including information
management and sharing. I do know that the World Resources Institute
experienced surprising difficulties in tracking down key data sets, reports
and GIS outputs during their mission to Belize

Pete Raines

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   1. FW: Florida Department of Environmental Protection	Coral Reef
      Conservation Program Funding Opportunity (Ruzicka, Rob)
   2. Re: Utila Reef Health (Dwight Neal)
   3. Grant for US Student on Bermuda ICRS Field Trip (Murdoch, Thad)
   4. Vacancy: Conservation Manager, Komodo National Park,
      Indonesia (sangeeta)


Message: 1
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 11:56:04 -0400
From: "Ruzicka, Rob" <Rob.Ruzicka at dep.state.fl.us>
Subject: [Coral-List] FW: Florida Department of Environmental
	Protection	Coral Reef Conservation Program Funding Opportunity
To: <coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>
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To All Interested Parties,

The Fishing, Diving, and Other Uses (FDOU) Project Team is soliciting
Requests for Informal Proposals to complete FDOU Project 18 & 20A: Fisheries
Resource Status Report and Management Alternatives for the Southeast Florida
Region.  Please distribute widely to anyone who may be willing to submit a
proposal for this project. This project is being funded by the Florida
Department of Environmental Protection's Coral Reef Conservation Program in
Miami, FL.

Details of this announcement and instructions for submitting a proposal can
be found at http://www.dep.state.fl.us/COASTAL/programs/coral/fishing.htm. A
link provided on this webpage will open the full announcement.

The response due date for submitting proposals for this project is April
25th, 2008.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Thank you,

Rob Ruzicka

Fishing and Diving Project Coordinator

Florida Department of Environmental Protection's

Coral Reef Conservation Program

1277 NE 79th St Causeway

Miami, FL 33138

Phone: (305) 795-1221

Fax: (305) 795-3470



The Department of Environmental

Protection values your feedback as a customer. DEP Secretary Michael W. Sole
is committed to continuously assessing and

improving the level and quality of services provided to you. Please take a
few minutes to comment on the quality of

service you received. Copy the url below to a web browser to complete the

survey: http://survey.dep.state.fl.us/?refemail=Rob.Ruzicka@dep.state.fl.us
Thank you in advance for completing the survey.


Message: 2
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 17:32:59 +0000
From: Dwight Neal <dineal at hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: [Coral-List] Utila Reef Health
To: <coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>
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I was hoping that others might have weighed in on this thread because the
subject is one of concern for us in the region. As far fetched as it might
seem, Dr. Box might well be right. As someone who has come up against this
problem of lack of local information despite the volume of work that has
been done it is frustrating and time consuming. A number of factors appear
to be at play here:

1)    "foreign" researchers come in, do the work and promise to provide
copies of reports which they never do.
2)    Reports are relegated to filing cabinets and shelves, and their
existence promptly forgotten.
3)    Important work fall into the hands of people who know the value and
end up in personal collections.
4)    Personnel changes in key organizations and agencies - in other words
lack of continuity in the information gathering and dissemination area
5)    The multitude of "Clearing House Mechanisms' that have been developed
in the various countries  eventually stop functioning because of lack of
personnel or funding.

The question is, who is responsible for ensuring that national information
is safeguarded and accessible? for want of a better expression. Suggestions
have been to lodge copies of all work doe with the public libraries and
libraries of tertiary institutions.

Peter Raines alluded to the work of Coral Caye, but 10 years after Coral
Caye left Belize I had problems finding copies of the work they did here. I
am certain that for people attached to universities and national research
institutions in the MDCs this is not a problem but for most 'developing'
countries it is a nightmare becasue we keep doing the same work over.

So while the information might be available, if you are not aware of its
existence or where to find it, the resultant effect is the same as if the
work was not done.

Georginia, perhaps you have some ideas.

 Dwight Neal

Marine and Coastal Consultant

> From: psr at coralcay.org
> To: coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov
> Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:01:37 +0100
> Subject: [Coral-List] Utila Reef Health
> Dr Stephen Box of UCME (www.utilaecology.or) offers very valuable insights
> (and hope) regarding Utila and the Bay Islands more widely.
> Given the massive time and multi-US$ millions already invested in at least
> the last 10 years to help survey, map, monitor, capacity build and come up
> with numerous diverse management strategies for Utila and the Bay Islands,
> I'll have to take with a pinch of salt at least part of Steve's comment
> that: "Honduras as a whole and the Bay Islands and Utila in particular are
> severely hindered by a lack of knowledge about their natural resources and
> the technical and financial capacity to effectively control and manage
> transition."
> For CCC reports on Utila and Roatan, see:
> http://www.coralcay.org/science/download_reports.php#honduras
> Pete Raines
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> Peter Raines MBE FRGS FIBiol CGeog CBiol MInstD
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Message: 3
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 17:30:19 -0300
From: "Murdoch, Thad" <tjmurdoch at gov.bm>
Subject: [Coral-List] Grant for US Student on Bermuda ICRS Field Trip
To: <coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>
	<E71648FE106F664087EF8236E194DECA01A68C76 at GOVEXG004.messaging.gov.bm>
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The Atlantic Conservation Partnership, a US-incorporated support charity
for the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ) is providing an additional
grant to fund the cost of attending the Bermuda Field Trip of the 11th
ICRS (air fare and field trip registration), to a graduate student with
US citizenship.

Applications should be sent to tjmurdoch at gov.bm, and include a single
page essay on how the field trip experience would benefit your
academic-career aspirations, as well as a reference letter from a member
of the faculty of your institute.

Applications must be received by 1 AM Eastern Savings Time on April
13th, 2008.  (NB: in ONE WEEK)

Details about the Bermuda Field Trip can be read on the 11th ICRS
webpage:  http://www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/fieldtrips.html.

The Atlantic Conservation Partnership, was launched in 1993 as a
501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity dedicated to furthering knowledge and
conservation of island environments. As a member- and donor-supported
organisation, it provides a vital educational, conservation and cultural
link between Bermuda and its neighbours, particularly the United States.
Like its sister charity, the Bermuda-registered Bermuda Zoological
Society (BZS), it supports development, education and research
initiatives at the Aquarium & Zoo, including internships, and
cooperative breeding and species re-introduction programmes, as well as
organising special exhibits and activities for the community.

Dr. Thad Murdoch

Research Associate

Bermuda Zoological Society

(441) 505-8424


Message: 4
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 10:18:54 +0800
From: "sangeeta" <sangeeta at putrinagakomodo.com>
Subject: [Coral-List] Vacancy: Conservation Manager, Komodo National
	Park,	Indonesia
To: <coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>
Cc: 'Bambang Wijanarko' <bambang at putrinagakomodo.com>
Message-ID: <20080406023323.84FD517998 at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>
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Dear Colleagues,

We are currently seeking someone to fill the position of Conservation
Manager for Komodo National Park and World Heritage Area in Indonesia.
Please find below details of the position.

Please contact me directly if you require additional information on the
position. However, all applications should be sent to the Human Resources
Manager, copied in this email.


Sangeeta Mangubhai, Ph.D.
Conservation Manager
PT. Putri Naga Komodo
c/- Coral Triangle Center
Jalan Pengembak #2
Sanur, Bali 80228
tel: +
mob: 0812 338 7633
email:   sangeeta at putrinagakomodo.com
Website: www.komodonationalpark.org <http://www.komodonationalpark.org/>


PT. Putri Naga Komodo (PNK) is part of Komodo Collaborative Management
Initiative established to support the 25-year management plan of Komodo
National Park (KNP) and World Heritage Area developed by the Government of
Indonesia with the assistance of The Nature Conservancy. The Conservation
Manager will be responsible for recommending and reviewing applicable
conservation policies, related procedures, guidelines and objectives, and
providing technical advice to the broader program as a whole. S/he will
oversee the following functions: marine and terrestrial conservation,
science, biological and socioeconomic monitoring, program evaluation, grant
writing, donor reporting and capacity building across the program. S/he will
assist with programmatic and strategic planning, the development of detailed
annual work plans and budgets, and the alignment of PNK's conservation work
with the KNP 25-year management plan. S/he will supervise the Science and
Monitoring Coordinator and Resource Protection Officer, and reports to the
Managing Director. The position is based 100% in Labuan Bajo, Flores, with
frequent travel to the Bali office.

Job Requirements

1.       Masters or PhD degree in Marine, Fisheries or Environmental Science
and/or Management.
2.       At least 10 years working experience in marine conservation and
management. Experience working in Indonesia, particularly in remote
locations in an advantage.
3.       Demonstrated ability to design and implement strategies and
procedures to enhance the overall performance of the program in accordance
with short- and long-term conservation goals and objectives.
4.       Demonstrated ability to motivate, lead and coordinate, set
objectives, and manage the performance of a small but highly creative team,
with different capacity and skills.
5.       Capable of balancing many different and sometimes conflicting
factors and issues when making decisions, and responding quickly,
efficiently and effectively to issues that might have financial and/or legal
impacts on the organization, or are potentially detrimental to the Park.
6.       Sound knowledge and understanding of organizational structure and
systems, financial procedures and reports.
7.       Ability to maintain confidentiality and demonstrate sensitivity and
discretion with all aspects of work.
8.       Willing to work independently and under pressure in some work
periods, flexible hours and willing to travel to and work regularly in the
9.       Ability to develop and nurture partnerships with government
officials, private sector, local NGOs, communities and civil society, and
conduct training and capacity building of a range of stakeholders.
10.   Preference will be given to candidates with excellent oral and written
communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
11.   Indonesian Nationality, Manggarai (West Flores) residence is an

The deadline for applications is Sunday, 27 April 2008. If you have any
specific questions about the position please contact Dr. Sangeeta Mangubhai:
sangeeta at putrinagakomodo.com

Applicants should send their CV (with 3 nominated referees) and a letter
addressing the criteria above, to the PNK Human Resources Manager, Mr.
Bambang Wijarnako: bambang at putrinagakomodo.com

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