[Coral-List] Coral Surface Area-Responses

Joe Schittone Joe.Schittone at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 9 12:14:53 EDT 2008

?????? ??????Hi Tyler,????Seems you've gotten plenty input. I've learned a lot from them, ??and??from the refs.????Re my own contrib, I should've noted that it models the SA of ??a??cylinder standing on end, which is what was needed for purposes, ??but??the formula can be easily adapted for different ellipsoidal figures.????Also, my equation was always accurate to w/in ~2%, and almost always ??to??1% (the former only for /very/ elongated cylinders). So, ??much??depends on the level of precision needed for what you're doing.????And I had to have something that didn't require differentiation ??or??trig., i.e.,??that could be loaded into Excel. For example, here's ??what I ended up??with in formula bar: =(PI()*a/2*b/2)+(2*PI()*([a+b]/4)*h).????Let me know what equations you derive and end up using for your work,????Joe????????Tyler Smith wrote:????> Fantabulous.   Apparently people have lots of experience??estimating ??> coral surface area????> ????> ??I'll summarize the advice below:??

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