[Coral-List] Graduate School Troubles

NICOLE C PAUL npaul007 at odu.edu
Wed Apr 16 19:19:00 EDT 2008

   Dr. Coral listers,

       I  am  currently  a  senior  at  Old Dominion University (Norfolk,
   VA) planning  on  graduating  in  May  of 2009 with a BS in Biological
   Oceanography  and  a minor in Marine Biology. I have a strong interest
   in  coral  reef ecology and conservation, but a lack of information on
   suitable  graduate  programs  for  my interests. I have been searching
   different  programs  for  a  few months and I am having little luck. I
   have  strong  field  and  lab  experience  as  well  as  a strong math
   background  beyond  my  required  curriculum.  I  understand  how busy
   everyone  is, but any advice or names of graduate programs or advisors
   with  related  research would  be greatly appreciated. I thank you all
   for your time.

   Best Regards,

   Nicole Paul

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