[Coral-List] Open Access

Suzanne Bolton Suzanne.Bolton at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 17 10:11:08 EDT 2008

I have read the discussion of open journals and am concerned that the 
task of printed journals is given to short shrift.  I too would like to 
be able the read all journals for free from my laptop and maybe in the 
future that will be more the the case.  I read them now becasaue my 
agency has paid the price for open access.  When I retire, I will need 
to find other sources for some journals. 

There are people who serve as overall editors over all those free 
reviews.  They have an onerous job of making sure the best science is 
published and too often these selections are questioned by many in the 
community.  /Science /is a perfect example of a journal pilloried and 
accused of not selecting appropriate reviewers on fisheries management 
and aquaculture, to name two instances.  I will not debate the subject 
except to say I would not want the job or their budgets.  Too many 
technical journals have been lost to the costs of publication so I  have 
doubts the extent to which profit  is being reaped from their sale.  SUZ

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