[Coral-List] Custom report generating tool for AGRRA (Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment) data

Judith Lang jlang at riposi.net
Wed Apr 23 19:50:48 EDT 2008

We are pleased to announce that PORT, a new AGRRA tool allowing you to  
generate your own data reports is now available at the AGRRA website:

The 819 sites in the AGRRA database were surveyed with a standardized  
methodology and are the only extensive regional database on the  
condition of coral reefs in the Tropical North Atlantic and Brazil.

You or your students can explore:
	live coral cover (from line transects)
  	coral composition, size and condition (from line transects)
	algal abundance (from quadrats)
	biomass, density and size distribution of the AGRRA fish guilds (from  
belt transects)
Available spatial scales vary from individual transects to the  
ecoregions of the Tropical North Atlantic.
The temporal scale currently extends from 1997 to 2004.

PORT allows users to select from various pre-defined products in the  
AGRRA  databases that may then be customized to their own needs or  
  The output of these reports is made available as simple HTML tables  
that may be viewed/printed from the user’s browser, as MS Excel  
spreadsheets that may be used as a basis for further calculations, or  
as plain text (.csv) files that may be easily imported into  
statistical or GIS software applications.

Submitted by Judith Lang for Ken Marks, AGRRA's database manager.

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