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John Cigliano jaciglia at cedarcrest.edu
Fri Aug 1 11:51:34 EDT 2008

The Marine Section of the Society for Conservation Biology will be  
accepting applications for travel reimbursements to cover the cost of  
attending the International Marine Conservation Congress (www.conbio.org/IMCC) 
 To encourage international and student participation, priority will  
be given to participants from developing countries and students.

Information can be found at: http://www2.cedarcrest.edu/imcc/travel_award.html

Please note that poster/paper/symposia/workshop acceptance is also a  
criterion for being awarded travel reimbursement.

The Travel Award Committee will notify applicants by 15 December 2008.  
Registration for the meeting opens 15 November 2008, with an early  
registration deadline of 15 February 2009.

If you are selected to receive reimbursement for travel to the  
meeting, you must confirm your intent to attend the meeting by  
registering for the meeting by 15 January 2009. The only exception is  
if you have been asked to submit a 1500 word submission for an oral  
presentation; in those cases we will extend your deadline until 1  
February 2009.  Otherwise, if you do not register by January 15 we  
will reallocate your travel stipend to the next person in our list. If  
you do not register by January 15 we will reallocate your travel  
stipend to the next person in our list.

Please also note that the 1st Call for oral presentations, speed  
presentations, and posters is 1 September - 15 October 2008.

The International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) will be the  
first stand-alone meeting of the Marine Section of the Society for  
Conservation Biology and will be held from 20-24 May 2009 at George  
Mason University near Washington D.C. This will be an  
interdisciplinary meeting that will engage natural and social  
scientists, managers, policy-makers, and the public. The goal of the  
IMCC is to put conservation science into practice through public and  
media outreach and the development concrete products that will be used  
to drive policy change and implementation. This meeting will encompass  
the 2nd International Marine Protected Areas Congress.

Major themes and cross-cutting issues that will be addressed include:

Major Themes:

Global Climate Change
The Land-Sea Interface
Ecosystem-based Management
Poverty and Globalization

Cross-cutting issues encompass topics of global relevance and  
importance to marine conservation that relate to the major themes.

Marine Protected Areas
Education, Outreach and Capacity Building
Governance Arrangements
Fisheries and Aquaculture



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Cedar Crest College

Chair, International Marine Conservation Congress

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