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Date: 2008/8/1
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Hi coral listers again,

I cannot help but think I am polluting the list, especially when as the
modest biology student that I am I choose to pick up my (virtual) pencil to
disagree with a media person on a media matter. Anyhow, I think this is

Although I do agree that scientists have to keep doing science and other
people have to take care of its diffusion, I disagree on the other lines
brought up by Peter. Peter says we have to reach out to receptive people,
and therefore should really focus in using medias like Discovery channel or
National Geographic. Well, for selling material to someone who may want to
buy it, all right, that something that media people do all the time for a
living. In my opinion, this is precisely the wrong thing to do, we are not
selling a product here, we are trying to reach out the people who are NOT
YET receptive to our message, that is, the vast majority of people NOT
watching Discovery, or even CNN!

This strategy has been the one in place for some time now, and it is, more
or less, not working. I have to correct myself, we need those, for the
people who are intereted and the possibly receptive people, but this is not
enough. Now, I believe the campaign like the one cited by Jennifer (
thankyouocean.org) is the kind of things I was thinking about.


Pascal Mege
PhD candidate, Univ. of Puerto Ricol

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