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Dear all,

    Many on the list can attest to rapid movements by anemones.  Though NOT advocating rudely poking Actiniaria animals, two common examples from the Western Pacific are:

Large, erect Actinodendron spp. in the Western Pacific (a powerful stinger) will retract their entire body under soft substrate when poked.  
I've also seen colorful, low profile, Cryptodendrum adhaesivum (which may have associated symbiotic Ambon shrimp, anemone crabs, or Clark's anemonefish) rapidly withdraw into coral & rock crevices.


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  Good day coral list


  Last week while on a sampling trip, we came across a remarkable anemone. It
  resembled a carpet anemone with red edges and a cream centre, and I would
  say the disk was about 20cm in diameter. The remarkable bit was that when
  touched the anemone instantly withdrew or rather jumped backwards into the
  small crevice it was resting on. The movement was so rapid that there was
  little time to realise what was happening and the anemone could not be seen
  it had withdrawn so far into the crevice. I would very much like to know if
  anyone has seen similar behaviour or has any suggestion as to what genus
  this anemone might belong to. 






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