[Coral-List] Reflections on ICRS 11

Jenny & Erich Mueller evmresearch at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 4 16:25:50 EDT 2008

Dear Listers:
I think Alina brings up points that concern many with regard to meeting size. Phil made some great points as well but many are difficult for organizers to address without seeming to infringe on free speech.
I'm throwing out another idea that could incorporate Alina's suggestions and further help folks see what they really want to see. It would also spread out the increasing burden on organizers to hold such large meetings.
Replace the "ICR Symposium" with four "ICR Symposia" as follows:
   1. Geophysical Sciences
   2. Organismal Biology
   3. Ecology
   4. Management
Each would be held in successive weeks so that one or more could be attended. They could be either in the same city or held in the same general area of the world (i.e. relatively short flight apart). There would be different organizations hosting each but all would follow a similar format and have identical submission & publication policies, deadlines, fees, etc. 
Food for thought,
Erich Mueller


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